How do the images go in the base and on the rail system?

With our patent pending design, you just pop in the insert into the base of your choice while it is off the rail.  Once you stick the insert in the base, the prongs tighten to hold the insert in place.  With the insert in place, bend the whole thing onto your rail.  Don’t push!

What do you mean by interchangeable?

With the interchangeable rail cover, you can mix any insert with any base color you desire.  You can also switch them up with the base colors anytime you wish. This allows you to purchase multiple images at a lower cost to you.

Do I need tools to put the base on my rail system?

No.  This is a tool free product, no screws or anything else. The product is designed to stay together using friction and pressure. The whole package is designed to be easily applied and removed on the rail.  Once the base is placed on your rail, the material and design allows for a tight grip and it will not move.

I have a design idea that would look great on the inserts.

If you have suggestions, let us know!  We would love to hear your ideas for new designs.

I want a different base color that you do not offer.

If there is a color that you are interested in please contact us and we will certainly take a look into offering that color.

I want my company logo or a different image on the insert?

With our rail covers the sky is the limit. Just contact us with what you are looking for and we will get back to you.

For company logos; we will be happy to place orders with your logo, but a minimum order is required.  Contact us for details.

Explain your slogan, "What do you Represent?"

We believe that our covers are a way for people to express what they stand for, what they believe in, or what they hold dear. That is why, we first started with flags as our main inspiration. Flags, of all kinds, have meaning and interpretation. Some flags, may mean something to one person, but be completely different to someone else. Our covers can help you convey that meaning. As a native Texan, I proudly sport the Texas Flag cover on my rifle because I very much love my state and all that it represents for me.
So, "What do you Represent?"